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Press Releases

Online SME HIOSA bankers increase liquidity by $2 billion growing HIOSA deposits by 6.5% on reduced interest rates of 4.7%
June 2009

New Business Banking Platforms come at a $140 a month cost but promises to lift million Small and Medium business into big business treasury cyberspace
March 2008 (see above)

Computer Literate SME's Wooed by Banks. Active SME Business Customers Leap 15% in the June Quarter - Growth Surpasses All Active Internet Banking Growth as SME's Embrace New Functionality of Internet Banking Sites
July 2003

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Media Coverage

The following tables summarise selected media coverage flowing from MISC/MINTEL press releases. As reporting of MISC/MINTEL industry research is invariably widespread (Australian and International), this coverage should be viewed as indicative only. For further details of research referenced below, please click here and specify the research article referenced.

The Advertiser

Online banking gaining ground | April 2008

"Market Intelligence Strategy Centre ... found typical small businesses would pay between $80 and $140 per month, on average, for these types of services ...."

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The Age

Small business turning to net banking | April 2008

"More than 1.2 million Australian small businesses have taken up internet banking since its inception in 2000, according to independent consultants the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre. "

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The Australian

Bank business portals open to small fry | Fran Foo, April 2008

"A MISC spokesman said there had been a flurry of activity in the past 18 months as most banks sought to develop specialist business banking online platforms. "

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B & T

Major push for online banking | Olivia Collings, August 2008

"In April this year research company MISC Australia, part of Mintel, predicted the online banking industry would become splintered into customer segments following its research into banking services. "

Online banking set for surge | Olivia Collings, April 2008

"The research by MISC suggests 2008 will see SMEs shift away from the usual online banking used by individuals to specialised facilities built for their needs ... "

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The Daily Telegraph

Growth in online banking | Jordan Chong, April 2008

"'If in one keystroke you can pay a thousand of your employees, or conduct overseas foreign exchange in a very sophisticated way ... you'd be crazy not to change,' the company (MISC) said."

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Ecommerce Journal

Small businesses are full members of world ecommerce | April 2008

"So happens in Australia with small businesses. More than 1.2 million Australian small businesses have taken up internet banking ... according to independent consultants Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC)."

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The Herald Sun

Net banking takes off | April 2008

"Small businesses are turning to internet banking for a clutch of useful functions to keep track of their finances, ... according to independent consultants the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre."

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The Sunday Times

Finance snared by web | April 2008

"MISC ... says that in the next three years up to half a million small businesses are expected to take up new products that incorporate features such as payroll, foreign exchange transactions and account monitoring."

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Townsville Bulletin

Net bank bags small firms | April 2008

"MISC, which conducts research on behalf of the banks, says up to half a million small businesses are expected to take up these new products ..."

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The West Australian

Small businesses turning to net banking | April 2008

"... a MISC spokesman said (the money) was well spent given it allowed them to access functions that were 'akin to large corporates'. "

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