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Press Releases

Eat out of Home Meals’ Market will account for $23 billion institutional and retail meal expenditure in 2000
September 2000

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Media Coverage

The following tables summarise selected media coverage flowing from MISC/MINTEL press releases. As reporting of MISC/MINTEL industry research is invariably widespread (Australian and International), this coverage should be viewed as indicative only. For further details of research referenced below, please click here and specify the research article referenced.

The Financial Review

Food Service to Face Study | Sue Mitchell, September 2000

"A preliminary study by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre, a body sponsored by Australia's largest food service participants including Goodman Fielder Ltd, Simplot Australia, Cerebos, and Mainland Foodservice, valued the food service market at 23.3 billion in 2000, more than double some previous estimates of the value of the industry."

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Food Industry Information

Eat Out of Home Meals Market Study | October 2000

"They (Market Intelligence Strategy Centre) estimate that more than 3.5 billion complete meals are consumed in the Australian market annually. This is 20% higher than previous market estimates."

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Untapped Foodservice Potential | September 2000

"The MISC study's measure of meal sales through more than 25 retail and institutional channels was the first complete measure of all food and beverage sales generated in the food service industry."

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