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Housing Loans

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Press Releases

September Quarter Home Loans Fall by $3bn (with loan size holding) MISC Predicts Quarter is the Start of $14bn Downturn for YTD September 2010
December 2009

Home Loan Market Rebounds with 12% Value Gain in December 2008 Quarter and 21,000 More Loans
March 2009

March Quarter Home Loan Volumes Fall by 55,000 Loans and $5 Billion
August 2004

Housing Loans Press Release Home Loan Market Forecast to Fall $35 Billion for Year Ended June 2003
December 2002 (see Flash chart above)

Home Loan Market Records 1 Million New Home Loans For 2001 as 1 in 6 Homes Take Out New Mortgages
May 2002

MINTEL says banks win only 49% share of new loan business in expanding home loan market
July 1999

Omitted Home Loan Figures Add $49 Billion And Re-Ranks Top Ten Lender But Still Fails To State True Lender Shares Says MINTEL
February 1999

Hidden $19 billion additional mortgage market and 8% new business growth revealed in home lending market environment
June 1998

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Media Coverage

The following tables summarise selected media coverage flowing from MISC/MINTEL press releases. As reporting of MISC/MINTEL industry research is invariably widespread (Australian and International), this coverage should be viewed as indicative only. For further details of research referenced below, please click here and specify the research article referenced.

AAP Financial News Wire

MISC says housing loan slump turned around in Dec qtr | March 2009

"'This ends a five-quarter negative slide in new mortgage business,' MISC said in its Home Loan Monitor released on Monday."

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The Advertiser

Home Loans Face $35 Billion Tumble | John Beveridge, December 2002

"Statistics released by MISC reveal that 7.26 million Australians now bank in cyber space - a 31% increase on the same time last year."

Rates put dampener on lending | Russell Emmerson, December 2009

"A $3 billion drop in Australia's mortgage market in the September quarter is just the start of a $14 billion contraction, research and consultancy firm Market Intelligence Strategy Centre forecasts."

"The group's Housing Loan Monitor, released today, claims the extension simply will delay a bottoming of the market."

Mortgage slump arrested | March 2009

"A slump in new housing loans was arrested in last year's final quarter, research and consultancy firm Market Intelligence Strategy Centre has reported. "

"'The results stand in contrast to numerous reports of a worsening total mortgage business in the December, 2008, quarter,' the centre stated. It believes the upturn should continue in the March quarter as the impact of the first-home owner grant continue to flow through."

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The Age

Housing loan slump rebounded in Dec qtr | March 2009

"MISC said the upturn should continue in the March quarter as the impact of the first home owners grant continued to flow through."

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The Australian

Battling Politicians Could Knock Housing off the Edge | Robert Gottliebsen, September 2004

"The MISC figures show that in the 12 months to March 2004, bank lending fell 15 per cent and since then the rate of decline has continued."

Reality Bites Home Lending | Robert Gottliebsen, September 2004

"The only way to understand what is happening loan market is to use the figures prepared by the MISC which has access to the banks' actual loan figures so can eliminate the market churn which makes official figures meaningless."

Big Buck Bulldozing in Big-Time Blunders | Robert Gottliebsen, February 2003

"At the same time, MISC predict a stagering fall of $35 billion in housing loans over the next year."

Home sales plummet as spooked owners stay put | Sanna Trad, March 2009

"MISC cuts its figures from actual mortgage settlements derived from state governments' stamp duty data. This method differs from that of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which uses mortgage commitment data provided by the selected lenders."

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The Australian Financial Reivew

New Rules for Mortgage Brokers | Lisa Murray and Tony Boyd, August 2004

"The volume of new home loans written in the March quarter fell by 22.6 per cent to 186,556, according to the latest data from MISC Australia, which measures a larger universe of home loan transactions than the Australian Bureau of Statistics."

Mortgages up 12pc | Vesna Poljak, March 2009

"The 12 per cent rise in the value of new mortgages settled was underpinned by 21,000 mortgages settled during the period, according to the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre. "

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The Canberra Times

Signs point to housing bubble | Michael Inman, March 2009

"Figures from the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre, to be issued today, show an additional 21,000 mortgages, a jump of 12 per cent, were settled by borrowers in the December 2008 quarter ..."

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The Courier Mail

Property Investors Swell Loans Market | August 2003

"MISC said the property investment boom, which had driven the larger markets in souther states, had hit the Sunshine state."

Housing lending plunges | John McCarthy & Alex Tilbury, December 2009

"According to research company MISC, the market will face another three months of declining lending before a weak rebound in March."

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The Daily Telegraph

Small lender to keep big boys honest | Jenny Dillon, December 2009

"Research by independent consultants Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC) found the value of all new home loans was expected to fall by $14.4 billion in the 12 months to September 2010 ..."

"The MISC report said the key to a healthier or 'neutral' outlook for new home loans would be the smaller lenders."

Talk of gloom feeds the economic beast | Malcolm Farr, March 2009

"Consultants MISC (Market Intelligence Strategy Centre) say the housing market resurgence started back in December."

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The Herald Sun

Home run for buyers Victorians ignore interest-rate fears | Stephen McMahon, December 2009

"Victoria is the only state where the number of new mortgages is rising. A financial services researcher, the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre, says that national demand for new home loans will slump by $14 billion over the next 12 months."

Banks battling for fewer loans | Fleur Leyden, December 2009

"Financial services researcher Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC) made the prediction yesterday ..."

"MISC warned that the mortgage market was likely to contract a further $1.15 billion in the three months to March."

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The Mercury

Light at the end of the tunnel | Malcolm Farr, March 2009

"The MISC report forecast another upturn in the market during 'the normally lacklustre March quarter' ..."

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Mortgage Brief

Home Loan Market Forecast to Fall $35 Billion | February 2003

""Australia's foremost researcher of home loans, MISC, (the sister company of MINTEL Australia) who was the first company to measure the hidden home loan market in 1998 and reported 1 million home loans last year, recently released to subscribers its forecasts for the 2003 financial year."

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SBS World News Australia

Division over migrant cuts | Emma Cook, March 2009

"Research by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre shows that things like builders discounting the construction of new homes has caused a 12 per cent boost in the value of new mortgages. "

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Sydney Morning Herald

End of home grant boost to hit mortgage market | Stuart Washington, December 2009

"The Market Intelligence Strategy Centre says the mortgage market fell by $3 billion ... and is likely to reach a bottom in the first quarter of next year."

"MISC says its research covers a 'hidden' loan market including smaller lenders ..."

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The West Australian

Mortgage market warned about 2010 squeeze | Louise Burke, December 2009

"The Market Intelligence Strategy Centre said the 6 per cent fall in the September quarter would likely be followed by further erosion in December ... "

"There was 2.8 per cent growth in average mortgage values in WA in the September quarter, but no volume growth, a MISC spokesman said."

Signs of hope provide some rays of light in economic gloom | March 2009

"And according to research and consultancy firm Market Intelligence Strategy Centre, the national mortgage market rebounded by 12 per cent ..."

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