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Press Releases

Big 4 Majors share of broker home loans falls to 59% but grows in SA and WA markets
October 2012

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The latest data from MISC found that regional banks triumphed in the June quarter 2012, garnering 37% of broker business nationally
June 2012

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Broker refinance growth stops as top 5-aggregator groups lose 13% broker business share
December 2011

Broker refinance reliance jumps to 29% with 11.4% refinance growth in one quarter, as major bank cash incentives finally bite
October 2011

Fewer active brokers (119) write 18% more loans as broker mortgage market falls $2.7 billion in latest March quarter
July 2011

Minor banks and other lenders almost double broker mortgage business share to 14% as $14 billion quarter broker market rebounds with 7% quarter growth.
April 2011

Broker mortgage business contracts by 11% as average loan sizes reach $276,715 but all mortgage business falls 21% in latest half-year
January 2011

December rate pressures and deadline for FHOG boost sees 13% contraction in the Broker market December quarter 2009 as Big 4 banks lose share to Regionals
March 2010

Broker Home loans reach record $18.3 billion recording an 18% growth on same quarter last year or $2.87 billion in extra Quarter flows driven by WA and NSW turnaround
September 2009 (see chart below)

Brokers defy nervous December housing slow down with $18.2 billion of new business while top 5 brokers suffer from increasing competition
March 2008

Low-doc New business is finally measured now $8.8 billion in annual Low-doc lending stems from 26% growth
September 2007

jun 05 At last Broker refinancing falls as refinance share abates to 29% with loan size fall of 7%
October 2005

Low-document Loans in Broker Channel reach $2.2 billion in one quarter suggesting $9.8 billion in Low-doc lending might be achieved by brokers this year
August 2005

Broker Business Recovers to $12.9 Billion as 11% more Brokers Write Business
April 2005

Broker Business Falls 7%, Banks Gain a 3% Share at the Expense of Building Societies and Credit Unions
February 2005

Queensland and South Australia Record Best Broker Business Growth in Investment Refinance Lending
November 2004

Mortgage Broking Channel Loses Nearly $2 Billion in New Home Loans, As Market Falls 14%
July 2004

MIAA/MISC Press Release MISC and MIAA Joint Announcement of Best Practice Performance Templates
May 2004

Left: MISC and MIAA Performance Management Report

National Bank HomeSide Joins Mortgage Broking Co-operative Statistical Pool
May 2004

Mortgage Broking Channel Exceeds $13 Billion for the First Time as Fixed Loan Business Attraction Prompts Growth
May 2004

Fixed Loans Approach 15% of all Broker Written Loans as Fixed Loan Lending Grows 63% in One Quarter
January 2004

dec_02 Fewer Brokers i.e. 556 Set Record for Mortgage Broking Industry with $11 billion in New Loans for the June Quarter 2003
October 2003

Queensland Shines with 5% Qtr Growth & 23% Annual Growth
August 2003

Mortgage Broking Channel Exceeds $10 Billion for the First Time
May 2003

Broker Industry Consolidates as Broker Loans Growth Rate Slows, Banks Increase Share to 62% on back of Fewer Active Brokers (550)
February 2003

Queensland Broker Market Drives Mortgage Broker Business with 20% Gain in One Quarter
November 2002

March 2002 Quarter Measure of Broker Home Loan Business Shows Top 10 Brokers Grow Share
May 2002

Latest Measurement of Mortgage Broking Sector Shows a Record $8 Billion of New Loan Business
April 2002

jun_01 Mortgage Broking Market Writes $7 billion in One Quarter as Latest Measurement from the MISC Mortgage Data Pooling Facility reveals 12% growth in June 2001 Quarter.
November 2001

New Mortgage Broking Data Pooling Facility shows 492 Active Brokers Settled in Excess of $6 billion in New Home Loans in the Quarter Ending March 2001
September 2001

New Mortgage Broker Statistical Measure Attracts 71% 'Pool' Membership from Top Brokers and Banks ... First Regular Monitor of New Business Growth in Mortgage Broker Sector
May 2001

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Media Coverage

The following tables summarise selected media coverage flowing from MISC/MINTEL press releases. As reporting of MISC/MINTEL industry research is invariably widespread (Australian and International), this coverage should be viewed as indicative only. For further details of research referenced below, please click here and specify the research article referenced.

AAP Newsfeed

Mortgage brokers wrote fewer loans in Dec qtr, report says | March 2010

"MISC said the decline was due to tighter credit conditions, the winding down of the government's temporary boot to the first home owner grant and three interest rate rises from the Reserve Bank of Australia."

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The Advertiser

Smaller regional banks cashing in | 10 October 2011

"Brokers wrote 11.4 per cent more refinancing business in the June quarter compared to the March quarter, but is was the smaller banks that benefited most, MISC says in its report."

Big banks tame smaller lenders | April 2011

"Released yesterday by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre, the data shows that 64 per cent of home loans sold by brokers were written by the major banks, down from about 67 percent in the September quarter."

Boost for loan brokers | Russell Emmerson, January 2011

"A report by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre says brokers suffered an 11 per cent fall in the value of their mortgage business in the six months to last September - but a positive result when placed against a 19 per cent fall in overall mortgage lending."

Regionals take larger slice of mortgage pie | Russell Emmerson, March 2010

"Research and consultancy firm Market Intelligence Strategy Centre found regional banks - including BankSA and Bankwest - increased their share of the mortgage broker market even as the overall market was shrinking."

SA investors lead the way | Meredith Booth, November 2004

"The Market Intelligence Strategy Centre, a researcher for banks and brokers, said $35 million worth of refinancing loans were taken up by South Australians in the June quarter - a 79 per cent increase on the previous quarter."

Lending slump hits brokers | Anthony Keane, July 2004

"New data from the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre, shows there was a 31 per cent drop in the number of brokers actively writing loans in the March quarter, down from 623 to 467."

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The Adviser

Brokerage attrition fails to dampen activity | 4 July 2011

"According to new industry data from MISC (Market Intelligence Strategy Centre), Australias broker groups increased their lending activity by 18 per cent, despite facing a 26 per cent drop in the number of brokerages."

Brokers enjoy market share growth | Jessica Darnbrough, 14 April 2011

"According to a statement by MISC, the strong result can be attributed to a number of factors including the recent rate relief; growing positive consumer sentiment towards brokers and increased competition between Australia's lenders. "

Broker shine as mortgage business contracts | Jessica Darnbrough, January 2011

"The Strategy Centre (MISC) attributes this sound result to the more dynamic and responsive nature of the channel and in part, to the changed borrower psyche as a consequence of a tighter overall lending environment."

Broker volumes, majors' market share drops | March 2010

"According to MISC, the drop in broker business was not unexpected due to the wind back in government stimulus to First Home Buyers, tighter lending restrictions and three consecutive rate rises."

Brokers face further consolidation: MISC | March 2010

"According to a new report by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC), there was significant erosion in the number of operational broker firms - slumping to just 190."

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The Age

Big four banks movingt to out-deal mortgage brokers | October 2012

"Of the mortgages sold by brokers in the June quarter, 59.8 per cent were financed by one of the four major banks, the MISC figures show. This was down from 64 per cent in the same period a year ago."

Broker mortgage 'churn' on the way down | Eric Johnston, January 2011

"The latest data compiled by finance consultants MISC Global shows that at the end of September the rate of mortgages being refinanced with another lender accounted for 24.4 per cent of broker-originated loans."

Mortgage brokers steam ahead | Natalie Craig, March 2008

"A spokesperson for MISC Australia, which collates data on about 80% of Australian broker loans, said reduced 'churn' was an excellent indication of the health of the market ..."

Research measures low-doc loans at $8.8bn | Marc Moncrief, October 2007

"MISC acts as an information clearing house for a number of large lenders and brokers, and claims its figures to be 'the first definitive measurement' of new low-doc loans growth through brokers."

"MISC's research found that only 26 per cent of low-doc or "no-doc" loans were made for more than 80 per cent of the value of the property being bought. Banks typically do not lend for 'loan to valuation ratios" (LVRs) over 80 per cent."

Borrowers back on rate rise fears | Peter Weekes, April 2005

"The quarterly survey from the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre ... found that ... the number of loans written increased by 11 per cent."

Home loans down more than 55,000, survey shows | Duncan Hughes, August 2004

"In 2002, Market Intelligence Strategy Centre rocked the industry by predicting the home loan market would fall by 21 per cent ..."

Loans down by $2bn in March quarter: survey | Rebecca Urban, July 2004

"The MISC survey is released quarterly and is the result of key lenders, including NAB, Westpac, and Commonwealth Bank as well as regional banks, pooling their records."

Mortgage churn makes more butter for brokers | Alan Kohler, May 2004

"Market Intelligence Strategy Centre collects data from a sample of 75 per cent of brokers and says a total of $13 billion worth of loans was originated by all brokers in the December quarter."

What Slowdown? Mortgage Brokers are 'Charging Along' | Anthony Hughes, May 2003

"Figures released yesterday by MISC show the total value of home loans generated by brokers in the December quarter exceeded $10 billion for the first time, while the number of 'active' brokers grew from 550 to 585."

Fewer mortgage brokers as industry consolidates | Sharon Kemp, November 2002

"Brokers are consolidating and merging or acquiring consultants who once acted independently. (MISC survery report)"

Banks deny $35b fall in mortgages | Sharon Kemp, December 2002

"Whereas the MISC measures new loans, the banks use outstanding balances."

Banks squeeze out mortgage brokers | Sharon Kemp, November 2002

"Quarterly survey data gathered by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre showed an 11 per cent reduction in the total number of brokers writing business during the June 2002 quarter."

Mortgage broking gains strength, study shows | Sharon Kemp, May 2002

"They lost a 3 per cent share in the 12 months to March 2002. The loss could add up to loans to the value of $870 million based on MISC's calculations ..."

Home buyers go for brokers | Sharon Kemp, November 2001

"MISC said the survey showed the broking distribution channel was still evolving ..."

Brokers push into mortgage market | Carolyn Batt, March 2001

"The study, by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre, reflects an increasing consumer demand for choice."

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Asia in Focus

Dec qtr new loans down sharply for Australian mortgage brokers | March 2010

"Mortgage brokers wrote 56,407 new loans worth A$16.3 billion (US$14.96 billion) in the three months to December 31, a report by independent consultants Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC) says. "

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The Australian

Big banks' share of brokered loans dips | Tim Boreham, October 15 2012

"A MISC spokesman said that regional banks were the winners, with national share rising from 33 to 37 per cent."

Bank clients switch to mortgage brokers | Scott Murdoch, 14 April 2011

"A new study by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre found that broker-written mortgages rose by 7 per cent in the December quarter, which took the value of business to $14.18 billion over the three months."

Mortgage brokers shine in slowdown | Scott Murdoch, January 2011

"'Borrowers will naturally be encouraged to embrace channels they perceive afford them more assistance and more lender choice,' MISC said."

Banks lose slice of broker loans | Richard Gluyas, March 2010

"A survey by financial services research firm Market Intelligence Strategy Centre shows the regional banks picked up the slack ..."

Banks gouge mortgage brokers' fees | Richard Gluyas, September 2009

"Research by mortgage industry analysts Market Intelligence Strategy Centre, released yesterday, showed that the broking industry enjoyed its best quarter on record in the three months to June.

The record result could have been even higher, according to MISC, if it had not been for a delay in settlements that caused some deals to spill over into the next quarter."

Home loans defy credit turmoil | Tim Boreham, March 2008

"A MISC spokesperson said the December quarter performance was 'unusual', especially because the period was seasonally soft."

"Mortgage brokers' new business soared by 24 per cent during the period, to 18.24 billion, according to figures released yesterday by researcher Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC)."

'Unsafe' low-doc loans on the rise | Tim Boreham, August 2005

"MISC figures, released yesterday, show 62 per cent of low-docs have an LVR of more than 60 per cent, in some cases as high as 75 to 80 per cent."

"MISC's findings support the stance of banking regulators the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority and the Reserve Bank ..."

Loans up as owners refinance | Blair Speedy, November 2004

"A quarterly survey from the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre, which collects data from banks and broker groups, also found the volume of fixed-interest loans organised by brokers had fallen in the quarter ..."

New law reins in mortgage brokers | Anna Fenech, August 2004

"MISC notes the 2004 March quarter decline would have been greater if not for refinancing activity (35 per cent of lending)."

Brokers Feel the Pinch in Lending | Tim Boreham, July 2004

"The MISC report is based on pooled data from most major banks and the biggest brokers, representing 79 per cent of the total broker-originated market."

Clients Prepare to Switch Bankers | Tim Boreham, February 2003

"According to MISC research group, broker originated loan volumes rose 1% in the September 2001 quarter."

Going for brokers in sunshine | Tim Boreham, November 2002

"According to Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC) data, mortgage broking business grew 9 per cent in the September quarter ..."

Banks lose ground to home loan regionals | Tim Boreham, May 2002

"According to MISC the top 10 operators captured 55% of all broker loan business in the March quarter, compared with 36.7% 12 months previously."

"The MISC data also shows the Big Four banks' share of broker business has dipped ... while regional bank and non-banks have picked up market share."

Mortgage brokers lean on pillars | Tim Boreham, November 2001

"According to MISC's latest figures, which account for about 75 per cent of the industry ..."

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Australian Banking & Finance

Regional banks gain mortgage market share | November 2012

"MISC suggests the outperformance of the regional banks comes at the expense of the major banks, but can also be attributed to real growth achieved through keen pricing as fixed interest rates and more aggresive discounting."

Aggregators Lose Out as Growth Halts | April 2012

"In contrast to most other industry sectors in Australia, the broker aggregator "Top 5" list is not static, according to MISC."

Brokers Snare More Business | October 2011

"The MISC competitive pool results show that the real increased refinance activity had, in fact, occured by June Quarter."

Broker Market falls sharply | Vol 3 No. 6, July 2011

"The Market Intelligence Strategy Centre said the new licensing regime had established a more professional competitive broking environment that will 'auger well' for the distribution channel that helped many borrowers in the past."

Low-doc loans in broker channel reach $2.2 billion in one quarter | November 2005

"The true size of the Low-documentation (Low-doc) market was finally revealed recently when the latest Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC) National Mortgage Broker Pool results were released."

Mortgage broker market falls | July 2004

"There is little doubt that there will be increasing pressure on the broker market in coming quarters, says MISC."

Sun Shines on Queensland Loan Brokers | August 2003

"Latest data from MISC Australia shows growth of 5% in the March quarter on the previous quarter and growth of 23% on the March quarter last year."

Banks shift revenue focus | Sarah Jones, December 2002

"Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC) sent alarm bells ringing this month, warning banks the lucrative home loan lending market could fall by at least 223,000 loans next year and return to 2001 levels."

Brokers are taking their customers with them | Sarah Jones, May 2002

"A recent survey by MISC Australia found 207,255 existing home loans were refinanced for 2001 ..."

Mortgage broker boom | June 2001

"The Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC Australia), the recently formed sister company of industry specialist researcher, MINTEL Australia, has released a paper which analyses, for the first time, the emerging and previously unquantified mortgage broker distribution channel in the home loan market."

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Australian Broker

Majors suffer further market share loss | October 2012, Issue 9.21

"Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC) found the percentage had dropped from 64% in Q2 2011 to 59.8% in Q2 2012, the lowest level since 2007."

"...the MISC spokesperson claimed that the 'most significant negative change' this quarter was a 10% drop in usage of the majors in NSW."

Regional banks triumph over majors | October 2012, Issue 9.20

"Regional banks enjoyed greater market share last quarter due to increased broker support, according to data from MISC."

Bank wars benefit smaller lenders | Adam Smith, 10 October 2011

"MISC commented that rebates and special offers were not universal among regionals and non-banks but had not 'disproportionately benefited' the lenders."

The Big Squeeze: Shrinking players in a shrinking market | July 2011

"MISC says its pool saw an 18% improvement in lending productivity. This came on the back of what MISC calls 'unprecedented competitive activity in the broker channel'."

Brokers shine as lending toughens | January 2011

"The MISC attributed the outperformance of its broker research pool - which consists of 77% of the market - to 'the more dynamic structure and responsive nature of the channel' ..."

Government Stimulus Helps Build Confidence | October 2009

"According to MISC (Market Intelligence Strategy Centre) brokers wrote a record $18.3bn in settled loan contracts in the months of April, May and June - an 18% ($2.87bn) increase on the same quarter last year.

A spokesperson for MISC told AB there was 'bit of artificiality' in the 'extraordinary result' due to the confluence of a number of factors."

Smile... the mortgage market is on the up and up | April 2009

"Mark Hewitt, general manager for sales and operations at AFG, said MISC was 'probably on the money'."

"MISC said its data represented the first 'hard evidence of positive, not negative, response to the three interest rate revisions in the quarter and the government's enhanced FHOG housing incentive package'."

A tale of two reports | April 2008

"In contrast, the MISC Australia report boasts a representation of 80% of all broker-generated home loan business making it the most comprehensive collection of broking data available."

"MISC Australia found that the $18.2bn of broker home loan originations for the three months ending December 2007 amounted to a 24% gain in aggregate loan value written over the December 2006 quarter."

Lo-doc = high sales | September 2005

"This channel wrote $2.2bn of lo-doc loans in the three months to the end of March ... according to the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC)."

Top 10 brokers see sales fall | June 2005

"New statistics from the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC) showed the top 10's percentage of market share dropped from 73% earlier in the year to 68%."

Brokers equal big business | June 2005

"The fantastic figures, reported by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC) ..."

Riding the storm | August 2004

"There is plenty of refinance business to be had - MISC even reported that this represented 35 per cent of the market for the March quarter."

Lenders brace for lean loan pickings | August 2004

"The figures from the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC) support those reported in the last issue of Australian Broker that showed the value of broker-originated loans had dropped from $13bn in the December 2003 quarter to $11.5bn in March."

Bottom drops out from under brokers | August 2004

"The latest report on mortgage broking by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre shows that the figures for mortgage broking business in recent times are not much better than overall lending."

Seasonal downturn adds to market correction | August 2004

"MISC said the growth of refinancing slowed over the March quarter, falling back to 30 per cent ..."

Rate rise fears cause fixed loans surge | July 2004

"Research from the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC) shows that in December 2002 the fixed rate loan share of the market stood at only 8%."

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The Australian Financial Review

Regional banks strong | George Liondis, 20 September 2012

"The Market Intelligence Strategy Centre paper found Queensland and Victoria were particularly strong for regional lenders."

Mortgage churn pays off for smaller players | Matthew Drummond, 10 October 2011

"With special offers making a comeback after the winter hiatus ... data from MISC Global (Market Intelligence Strategy Centre) provides insights into which lenders benefited most from the deals such as rebates offered earlier this year."

Boom goes bust for mortgage brokers (Front Page) | Matthew Drummond, 4 July 2011

"Just 119 broking firms sold a mortgage in the March quarter, compared with 161 firms a year earlier, according to MISC Global research."

Boom goes bust for mortgage brokers (Page 47) | Matthew Drummond, 4 July 2011

"MISC started collecting data from banks on broker penetration into the mortgage market in 2001, when there were 613 active firms. The number of firms has since fallen steadily before picking up slightly in 2007."

"The upside of this rapid consolidation is that the remaining firms are writing more loans."

"...97.9 million in the March Quarter compared with the same period in 2010, says MISC. "

Financial service briefs | John Kehoe, 14 April 2011

"Mortgages written by brokers rose 7 per cent in the December quarter, according to a report by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre."

Record high volume for mortgages | Jane Searle, September 2009

"Broker loan settlements increased by 18 per cent to reach a record $18.3 billion in the June quarter as speculation about withdrawal of the first-home owner's grant and low interest rates fuelled activity, according to MISC (Market Intelligence Strategy Centre)."

Low-doc loans surge despite interest rate rises | Sally Patten, October 2007

"Research house MISC Australia found mortgage brokers, which account for the majority of the low-doc market, sold $8.4 million of the loans in the 12 months to June."

Report shows less interest in low-doc mortgages | Joyce Moullakis, August 2005

"... MISC predicted that at least $9.8 billion of low-doc loans would be written this year."

Refinancing back in vogue | Joyce Moullakis, November 2004

"According to the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre, investor refinancing grew 28 per cent in the quarter to $1.5 billion ..."

New rules for mortgage brokers | Lisa Murray and Tony Boyd, August 2004

"... latest data from MISC Australia, which measures a larger universe of home loan transactions than the Australian Bureau of Statistics."

Home Loan Brokers Hit | Joyce Moullakis, July 2004

"Mortgage Brokers hit a wall in the March quarter as loan volumes slumped by almost $2 billion, according to a survey by the MISC."

Lender Reconsider Mortgage Brokers | Lisa Murray, May 2004

"The December-quarter result marked a 26 per cent increase from the same period a year ago, according to a new survey by the MISC, which collects data on three-quarters of all broker-originated loans in Australia."

Fixed-Rate Lending Rise | Joyce Moullakis, January 2004

"While the number of active mortgage brokers declined in the September quarter, the value of loans they wrote increased by 15%, according to a report by the MISC."

Brokers Tighten Grip on Mortgage Loan | Joyce Moullakis, October 2003

"Data compiled by the MISC shows broker-originated loans far out-stripped the previous high of $10 billion seen in the December quarter last year."

Broker-Generated Home Loans Hit the Wall | Lisa Murray, August 2003

"Overall growth was flat as brokers negotiated fewer loans in all the other states, according to the MISC Australia."

Mortgage brokers defy downturn | Jason Clout, May 2003

"The Market Intelligence Strategy Centre released figures yesterday which showed that the broking industry had bucked the softening mortgage trend ..."

Banks learn pros and cons of backers | Lisa Murray, March 2003

"The latest MISC Australia survey shows banks have increased their market share of third-party distributed loans to about 62 per cent."

Mortgage brokers braced for downturn | Lisa Murray, February 2003

"... a report released today by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre ... the report highlighted the increasing importance of brokers as a cost-effective distribution channel ..."

Massive mortgage fall-off predicted | George Lekakis and Tina Perinotto, December 2002

"The MISC data set also differs from the ABS figures in that it is based on the number of completed home loan contracts, not approvals."

Record year for mortgages | Jason Clout, May 2002

"More than 1 million new home loans were written in 2001 as the Australian mortgage market soared to a new peak ... A survey by Market Intelligence Strategy Centre found ..."

Regional lenders get bigger slice of pie | George Lekakis, May 2002

"The MISC data, which is collected from most of the leasding broking firms and banks, shows that the broker home loan market is worth $29.5 billion."

Brokers stoke new home loans for banks | George Lekakis, September 2001

"... a MISC spokesman said the survey recorded about 74 per cent of mortgage broker activity in Australia ..."

Brokers increase slice of home loans pie | Miranda McLachlan, March 2001

"The Market Intelligence Strategy Centre has issued a report that says mortgage brokers also increased new home loan volumes by 23 per cent in the period."

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Research measures low-doc loans at $8.8bn | October 2007

"Data from MISC Australia indicates the value of low-documentation mortgage loans in Australia rose 26% to more than $A8.8bn in 2006-07. MISC said its data is the definitive measurement of growth in low-doc loans through brokers."

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Broker News

Major market share falls to five-year low | Caroline Dann, 15 October 2012

"A spokesperson for MISC told Australian Broker Online the results were not surprising given the jump in popularity of regional banks."

Naylor: Regional banks offer strong broker support | Caroline Dann, 21 September 2012

"Data from the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC) found regional banks enjoyed 37% of broker business nationality in Q2 2012, which represented a 12% increase from Q2 2011."

Regional banks reap share broker share gain | Ben Abbott, 20 September 2012

"The latest data from MISC (Market Intelligence Strategy Centre), which collects data from regional and major lenders, as well as national and state-concentrated broker groups,..."

"While BankSA matched many St George initatives, Bendigo/Adelaide Bank was less rate competitive in one of its home states, a statement from MISC explained."

Top aggregators winning, not losing: AFG | Ben Abbott, 22 March 2012

"We have run the numbers against ABS figures, and our overall market share - not just broker share, but our share of the entire market - increased from 9.8% to 10.5% over that period," he said. (AFG)

Top aggregator market share plummets: MISC | Ben Abbott, 21 March 2012

"The MISC statement said new fee models now increasingly available to brokers had encouraged some migration, buoyed by the tougher financial climate."

Brokers post 'milestone' volume reversal | Ben Abbott, 14 April 2011

"According to MISC, the result was aided by a period of rate relief at the end of last year - prior to November's bank rate rises - as well as the acceptance by consumers of less intervention by the government in stimulating the housing market."

Brokers record double digit declines | March 2010

"'The entire mortgage broker market suffered badly in the December quarter,' the report, published by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC), said."

Broker groups consolidate in December quarter | March 2010

"MISC said: 'Regional banks grew their market share to 24% from 20.6%'"

Broker originators going up (not down) | March 2008

"Research by MISC Australia revealed that brokers appeared to have benefitted from November's rate hike as well as the growing global credit crisis with its latest report showing brokers logged an increased market share in the last quarter of 2007."

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Business Review Weekly (BRW)

Accuracy in Home Loan Statistics | Brent Hughes, June 2002

"Your article HOME LOAN SCAMS makes several incorrect references to a bank/broker co-operative industry statistical collection that is managed and assembled by the Melbourne-based research group MISC Australia."

Click here to view correction to BRW article.

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Centralian Advocate

Loans defying credit turmoil | April 2008

"MISC said: This means real demand for new loans by borrowers led the December charge."

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The Courier Mail

Watchdog warns banks over offshore outsorcing | Liam Walsh, 20 September 2012

"MISC said the Queensland result was boosted by Suncorp, which had been aggressively pricing loans through brokers."

Low-doc loans surge 26% | Erica Thompson, October 2007

"MISC says the danger level in the Australian market has been overestimated.

"'Much of the low-doc/no-doc lending has been at conservative LVRs (loan-to- value ratio - the amount of valuation that can be borrowed),' the group says."

Rival Banks Fill Gaps Left by Bank of Queensland Withdrawal | Liam Walsh, November 2004

"MISC said the Queensland mortgage broking market rose 18.7 per cent in the June quarter."

Brokers breaking into bank stronghold | John McCarthy, November 2002

"Mortgage brokers snared an extra 20 per cent of home loans in Queensland ... according to a new survery from the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre."

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Daily Telegraph

Big four feel heat | 14 April 2011

"Building societies, credit unions and other small lenders cornered their biggest share of the market for home loans sold by brokers in the December quarter last year, Market Intelligence Strategy Centre said. "

Low rates costly for big banks | Andrew Carswell, March 2010

"Market Intelligence Strategy Centre: 'This regional banks share gain represents the third consecutive share gain in successive quarters over the past year'"

The bricks and mortar boom on Recovery Rad | Malcolm Farr, September 2009

"Borrowing for property in the three months to the end of June hit $18.34 billion Australia-wide, according to a report by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre to be released today."

Home loan restraint | Rhys Haynes, October 2007

"Latest data from the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC) ... ' [This data] provides illuminating insight into speculation that had abounded in recent months, not only about the extent of the new lending but also the risk of it,' a MISC statement said"

Aussie's in a low-doc loan binge | October 2007

"Low-doc loans - where borrowers self-certify their income in the application process - grew 26 per cent in Australia to $8.37 billion in the 12 months to June. The new data from Market Intelligence Strategy Centre indicated low documentation loans in Australia were conservative compared to other countries."

Mortgages are finally slowing | John McCarthy, August 2004

" '... this 22 per cent fall represents a more aggressive change,' MISC said."

Last out of the blocks | Stephen Downe, July 2004

"[According to MISC] this quarter's fall was larger than the 2003 and 2002 March quarters ..."

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The Gold Coast Bulletin

Borrowers no longer banking on the whales | March 2010

"Market Intelligence Strategy Centre, said that despite popular opinion competition within the home loan domain was returning, albeit at a measured rate."

Property boom creates loans record | May 2002

"MISC said a variety of factors aided the funding explosion ..."

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The Herald Sun

Big four losing share | October 15, 2012

"Aggresive competition switching incentives and discounted rates have helped the non-major banks increase their market share, a MISC spokesman said."

Customers in mass break-up with banks | Neil Wilson, 10 October 2011

"The change sparked by the National Australia Bank's 'break up' campaign has seen the most people switch their loans through mortgage brokers since data started being collected in 2001, according to MISC Global."

Small fry get a bigger slice | Peter Taylor, 14 April 2011

"Released yesterday by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre, the data shows that 64 per cent of home loans sold by brokers were written by the major banks, down from about 67 per cent in the September quarter."

Brokers home in on market | Russell Emmerson, January 2011

"A Market Intelligence Strategy Centre report showed brokers suffered an 11 per cent fall in the value of their mortgage business in the six months to September - a positive result when placed against a 19 per cent fall in overall mortgage lending."

Customers prefer small fry | Andrew Carswell, March 2010

"Market Intelligence Strategy Centre said, the figures suggest that contrary to popular belief, competition within the home loan domain was in fact returning, albeit at a measured rate."

Home loan slowdown looms | John McCarthy, August 2004

"MISC said the loan size had increased by $27,000 despite evidence of falling house prices."

Loans Hit a Record | Bruce Brammall, October 2003

"MISC said its pooled data accounts for about 72% of all loans written by mortgage brokers."

Housing boom out of steam | John Beveridge, December 2002

"Using surveys of stamp duty figures which capture all settled loans, the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC) estimates the number of loans will fall by at least 223,000."

Home loans hit 1m | Bruce Bammall, May 2002

"A survey by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre said the 1.051 million loans total written was up about 17 per cent on recent years."

Big brokers win | Bruce Brammall, May 2002

"MISC's report said lending from its survey contributors was $29.5 billion for the year."

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International Business Times

Brokers count the costs of consolidation | 11 July 2011

"According to MISC, the top six mergers of 2010 involved more than $30bn of loans under management. Meanwhile, the previous year only saw three significant mergers - not the least of which was the creation of Advantedge which brought together PLAN, Choice and FAST in 2009."

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Mortgage Brief

Home loan market forecast to fall $35 billion | February 2003

"Australia's foremost researcher of home loans, MISC, the sister company of MINTEL Australia, who was the first company to measure the hidden home loan market in 1998 and reported 1 million home loans last year ..."

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Mortgage Business

Brokers enjoy stellar quarter | October 2009

"According to the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC), the imminent withdrawal of the first home owners grant boost combined with the low interest rate environment fuelled activity during the June quarter."

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Mortgage Professional Australia

Bank wars benefit smaller lenders | Issue 11.12

"MISC commented that rebates and special offers were not universal among regionals and non-banks..."

Viewpoint | Issue 11.9

"MISC has correlated the result to the advent of NCCP licensing and reforms."

Brokers kept in dark over lending volumes | Issue 4.12

"... according to the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC), members of its data pool have decided not to release the results to the media."

Broker channel rides $1.8bn drop in new home loans | Issue 4.8

"Australia's mortgage market dropped by an estimated 14% or 1.8 billion in the March quarter, according to the latest MISC survey of its broker pool members."

"The figures are based on those supplied to MISC by its broker pool members and some non-member industry players."

Brokers drive fixed-rate rush | Issue 4.2

"... according to the latest Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC) report on the broker channel ... Australian mortgage brokers encouraged 63% more of their clients to take out fixed rate loans, or switch to them."

Mortgage market set for $35 billion decline | Issue 3.1, September 2002

"MISC says 556 brokers were active, writing three or more loans, out of more than 2500 known to write home loans."

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The Sheet

Mortgage brokers market share questioned | May 2006

"New research by MISC (Market Intelligence Strategy Centre) has challenged received wisdom in the mortgage broking industry by suggesting brokers' account for only about one quarter of housing loans."

[ top ]

The Sunday Telegraph

Mortgage brokers smooth the way | Anna Fenech, March 2001

"Mortgage brokers have emerged as a viable method of shopping for a home loan ... a survey by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre has found."

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Sydney Morning Herald

Banks make more use of branch networks over mortgage brokers | October 2012

"According to the latest quarterly figures compiled by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre, fewer than 60 per cent of loans sold by mortgage brokers are financed by one of the big four banks."

Business Briefs | March 2010

"Market Intelligence Strategy Centre says: In volume terms, this was down 13 per cent from the September quarter."

Survey downplays low-doc loans | August 2005

"'At the rate of establishment, the annual low-doc market, through brokers, may reach $9.8 billion by year-end,' the report by Market Intelligence Strategy Centre said."

Mortgage brokers face tough times | Peter Weekes, February 2005

"MISC cited price pressures for the shakeout ... MISC also found that the popularity of offset loans was waning as borrowers opted for standard variable loans during the three months to September."

Banks branch out as brokers go for gold | Alan Kohler, May 2004

"Analyst MISC Australia reports that broker generated loans rose 29 per cent in the December quarter to more than $13 billion for the first time."

One million loans mark boom year for housing | Matt Wade, May 2002

"A survey by the consultancy firm Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC) suggests one in six households took out a new housing loan last year."

Top 10 mortgage brokers snare the lion's share | Anthony Hughes, May 2002

"According to the research by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre, the top 10 brokers, including Mortgage Choice, the Suncorp-owned LJ Hooker and Choice Home Loans, increased their share of the market in the March quarter to 55 per cent of all brokered loan business, up from 37 per cent a year ago."

Regional banks find strength in using brokers to sell home loans | Anthony Hughes, May 2001

"MISC's figures also show that the greatest proportion of loan volumes is in NSW, but the biggest growth was shown by Queensland and Victoria ..."

Mortgage brokers build share | Anthony Hughes, March 2001

"MISC's figures reflect business flows of about 100 lenders who transact through 50 major brokers, and is the first of what is planned to become a regular survey, with industry co-operation."

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The West Australian

Brokers buck mortgage trend | Nick Evans, October 15 2012

"June-quarter research collated by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre showed the big four suffered significant erosion in their share of home loans deliverd by mortgage brokers."

Smaller lenders finding rewards flowing as funding market thaws | Rachel Donkin, 14 April 2011

"December-quarter research collated by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre also shows broker lending rebounded from five quarters of successive declines during the period, with total loan values up 7 per cent to $14.2 billion."

Broker loans up as grant cut nigh | Gareth Costa, September 2009

"According to the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre, an extra $2.87 billion was advanced to homebuyers via non-bank brokers compared with the same period in 2008, with demand highest in WA and NSW."

Mortgage brokers ride out storm | Natalie Craig, March 2008

"The number of home loans that originated with a mortgage broker in the December 2007 quarter grew about 3 per cent compared with the December 2006 quarter, according to the MISC Australia report."

"But the MISC report showed brokers were increasingly involved in sourcing new loans for their clients ..."

Value of low-doc loans hits $8.8bn | October 2007

"In the year to June 30, the value of low-doc loans grew 26 per cent, according to Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC) Australia."

Drop in home loans to keep rates steady | Michael Weir, August 2004

"The MISC data also shows the size of the average loan jumped $27,000 to a new peak of $213,673 ..."

Top mortgage brokers up share | May 2002

"According to research by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre, the top 10 brokers increased their share of the market ..."

Brokers' boom to mortgages | Peter Klinger, March 2001

"MISC said the mortgage broking channel was increasingly attracting banks and big mortgage originators to join their lending panels. "

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Your Mortgage

Mortgage mania hits the million mark | August 2002

"The study, conducted by the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC), found that a staggering 1.051 million loans were approved during 2001 ... "

The rise and rise of the mortgage broker | October 2001

"However according to a report by industry analysts the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC), banks and mortgage originators using the mortgage broker market increased new home loan business by 28 per cent last year. Broker productivity also increased by $1 million to an average of $4.37 million per sales team or distributor."

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Your Mortgage Weekly

Mortgage brokers and the MISC report | May 2004

"According to a new survey just released by Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC), ... mortgage brokers totalled a record $13 billion in the December quarter 2003, a dazzling 26 per cent growth ..."

Mortgage brokers boom | June 2001

"... according to a report by industry analysts the Market Intelligence Strategy Centre (MISC) ... broker productivity also increased by $1 million to an average of $4.37 million per sales team or distributor."

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