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Press Releases

Superannuation June reform rush to invest $1 million sees all banks' deposit growth halt whilst Internet bankers top-up their deposit accounts with $9 billion and more
October 2007

For Australia's 8.5 Million workers covered by $535 billion in Superannuation, the promise of ultimate choice is an active option
February 2003

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Media Coverage

The following tables summarise selected media coverage flowing from MISC/MINTEL press releases. As reporting of MISC/MINTEL industry research is invariably widespread (Australian and International), this coverage should be viewed as indicative only. For further details of research referenced below, please click here and specify the research article referenced.

The Age

Workers Welcome Freedom of Choice | Peter Weekes, February 2003

"MISC, which pioneered the first measurement of all retail Super with its sister company MINTEL in 1997, cites the rapid growth of do-it-yourself super funds and master funds, plus its own behavioural survey to back up its claims."

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