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Market Intelligence Strategy Centre

Are you looking for a challenging role with a prestigious industry research company?

Are you seeking a career where there is opportunity for growth and development?

Are you motivated to perform to your potential in an exciting stimulating role in research?

MISC Global

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then we are the company for you. MISC is a leading industry research company located in the Melbourne CBD.

MISC evolved from sister company MINTEL Australia to provide high-level strategic consultancy largely within the financial services sector.

MISC is primarily concerned with measurement of industries at the holistic level with the result that MISC research is complete rather than fragmented. Working on a project commonly takes three to six months to complete.

The MISC team

The multidisciplinary research team at MISC can best be described as resident experts in all facets of research in the financial and business sectors. Our team possess top research and analytical skills along with tertiary qualifications in their respective fields. On the job training, in-house development programs, and external training and education courses, ensure the continual improvement of skills and expertise among the team.

We are constantly looking for top people to join our growing organisation. If you believe that you have the ability to contribute in a research role with MISC, just complete the application form that appears below, attach your resume and submit to MISC.

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