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Market Intelligence Strategy Centre


The Centre Develops Strategic Blueprints For Industry
1. Individual Company Consulting
2. Collaborative Industry Sponsorship

1. Individual Company Consulting
  • The Centre can assist senior management in the development of strategy formulation and execution
  • The Centre seeks to add tangible stakeholder value through its capacity to deliver powerful market insight
  • The Centre delivers practical, unambiguous, market objective based recommendations
Consulting Applications
  • Linking Market Share Outcomes and Bottom Line Improvement
  • Engineering Successful Market Entry and Expansion
  • Locking In Market Dynamics to The Business Planning Process
  • Strategic Market Positioning for Client Companies within Industries
  • Linking New Product Development and Market Success
  • The Operation of the Company qua Brand
  • Merger & Acquisition Analysis
  • Forecasting potential industry development scenarios and corporative implications

Position of MISC in The Market Research and Consulting Industires

2. Collaborative Industry Sponsorship
  • Industry participants internationally (notably in the US) have collectively assumed research initiative and ongoing dedicated research monitoring, MISC takes the initiative in Australia to build and manage measurement systems for industries. Thus MISC provides contributing industry participants with services in two forms:

    1. Design and provisioning of existing collective industry intelligence. This by nature will flow from the strategic blue-printing, eg to Internet Banking Statistical Pooling.
    2. MISC partners groups of major companies in selected industries to contract greenfield industry monitoring, eg Foodservice Channel Sales Simulation.