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Market Intelligence Strategy Centre

The MISC Consulting Philosophy

'To Add Genuine Value, An External Consultant Must Have High Awareness Of The Key Industry Issues'

Many executives have previously been left feeling "flat" and sometimes cynical about the external consulting experience. A lack of clarity in defining client expectations at the beginning of an engagement is often given as the reason. However, the ultimate root of the problem is likely to be that external advisers, no matter how bright and talented, are unlikely to produce genuine value unless they have access to an independently derived and penetrating market appraisal. Too often the consulting process ends in a recapitulation, or a close shadow of what the company already knows.

Although newly established, the Centre operates from a foundation of core industry research strengths. This immediately distinguishes MISC from other strategic consulting groups in Australia:

1: MISC operates as a sister company that has evolved from MINTEL (Aust). Each project is underpinned by the solid industry research databases built originally by MINTEL and unique insight that that research provides.

MISC Philosophy
2: MISC's flexible approach to addressing client needs is its second core strength. MISC may draw upon original MINTEL (Aust) data sets and models. In other circumstances, MISC may leverage the extensive international research group relationships established over two decades to produce case study or benchmarking analysis.

In either case, this unique external access, when fused with the clients' or industries' own research, provides the ideal strategic planning base. This is a key MISC differentiating feature - the fusion of MINTEL (Aust) industry insight combined with the client's own databases and the experience of its personnel. This powerful combination yields powerful outcomes.